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Hello and Welcome!
As a Somatic Sex, Intimacy & Breathwork Coach and Sexological Bodyworker,
I guide you to live a more authentic, embodied and pleasurable life.
I'm Emerald May (she/her)

My passion and mission is to centre my support for women, AFAB folks, femmes and couples to radiate worthiness, to embody authentic expression with integrity, self-acceptance and to cultivate inner power. I alchemise a blend of the unknown and evidence based practices to help rewire neural pathways to allow for a deeper connection and harmonious intimacy with self and others.

My practical and professional skills from my background in the developmental Psychology field are complimentary to my offering as a trauma informed Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Embodied Sex Coach and Conscious Connected Breathwork Facilitator. 

A white woman is smiling with chin resting on her hand, looking into the camera

Would you like to... ​

  • Explore and Increase your capacity to feel pleasure

  • Feel more connected to yourself/and your partner(s)
  • Learn how to have and hold boundaries
  • Evolve agency, choice and empowerment
  • Build more confidence in your body
  • Accept and Love yourself deeper
  • Develop a relationship with your shame and embarrassment
  • Embrace your needs, your desires, your sexuality 
  • Create a sense of safety in your body
  • Enjoy more satisfying sex
  • Have better orgasms, or have an orgasm!
  • Reconnect with your arousal
  • Experience pleasure without pain
  • De-stigmatise STIs
  • Navigate your changing body
  • Work with mismatched desire in relationship
  • Recognise embodied integrity
  • Amplify your communication skills around sex and intimacy
  • Expand your consciousness; you know there is something more to sex and intimacy

If you'd like to know how...


"My sessions with Emerald were life changing. As a facilitator she created a space where I felt safe to share and always felt heard compassionately. Emerald has a broad set of tools and techniques and throughout the sessions: she guided me to heal and reconnect with parts of my body that felt frozen and numb. I also learned how to notice and honor my emotions as well as letting go of deep layers of shame I'd carried since childhood."


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