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What do I actually do? 

I work with women and couples, from all sexual orientations and in all relationship styles, as a coach and bodyworker. I always offer a free 15 minute chat to discover whether we are a good fit to work with each other. 

Intimacy & Conscious Kink

Working together online, with many tools and techniques from Sexological Bodywork, Conscious Connected Breathwork and Conscious Kink, I support you to become more embodied in your everyday life. Moving out of a nervous system response, into a fuller, more accepting version of you. How you show up in the bedroom is often indicative of how you show up in your life. Inviting you to move into a space of receiving more pleasure from your self and your partner(s) (if applicable) and then you will be in a place to give from a more fulfilled place. The difference is palpable. 


Regulating my nervous system with Redwoods

Conscious Connected Breathwork (CCB) is a breathwork modality that supports you to discover hidden aspects of yourself and to bring unconscious belief systems (BS), trauma and conditioning to the surface for integration. This can be offered alongside other modalities, or as a stand alone practise. I guide you with music and hold space for you to use the power of your breath to support you to re-member why you are here and help you realise what it is you need to move forwards. CCB can also support the activation of your eros (sexual energy) and gift you experiences of energetic breath orgasms (without the need to touch yourself!). And nothing at all can happen too, so I invite you to lose any expectations, prior to your session. CCB is an individual practise that you can do in the presence of a partner(s).


Photo by Fabian Møller on Unsplash

Conscious Connected Breathwork
Sexological Bodywork

Unfurling Fern by Skyler Ewing from Pexels

Also known as Somatic Sex Education, Sexological Bodywork is a client centred modality that supports you to rediscover your sensations, eroticism and arousal. Explore embodying your full FUCK YES and sacred no, with strong ethics and nervous system aligned boundaries. Learning how to receive, give, serve and accept, with yourself and others, using Betty Martin's Wheel of Consent®. Somatic Sex Education is a combination of practices from Taoist, Yoga, meditation, breathwork, scar tissue remediation, anatomy with a background in neuroscience, psychology and somatic learning theory. For those conscious and curious skeptics, it balances the scientific and spiritual, supporting you to be with, move through trauma, experiences and conditioning to support you to unfurl your fully embodied sexual and sensate self. 


Conscious Kink can support you to learn to embody different energies. Learn to be more present, stable and directive, like the banks of this river, and/or a more flowing, fluid, surrendering energy, like the water. Conscious Kink coaching explores dynamics, polarity play, power exchange, skills and techniques and the energetics of playing in the kinky realms.  

Using the art of Conscious Kink I support you (with or without partner/s) to develop your self awareness and co-regulation, with embodied cognisance of what it means and feels to be in consent, to holding space for yourself and others,  learning to trust and surrender and the importance of aftercare.

Getting Conscious with your Kinks can support expansion in all areas of your life, not only in your bedroom/dungeon.

Embodiment Sex Coach

Online Communities & Festivals

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Vermilion is a sex-positive well-being community, where conscious, consenting adults can connect, dialogue, explore, share, learn & play with games & practices both online and at workshops in the U.K., retreats & celebrations. We are on Facebook, Fetlife and our ticketing platform is Dandelion.Earth.  You must be a member of Facebook or Dandelion Earth to become a member of our FetLife group. Don't forget to answer the membership questions when you request to join!


Emerald has also worked on the production team of these online festivals.


Human Behaviour flows from three main sources:
desire, emotion and knowledge


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