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30 Day Orgasmic Mindfulness Experience

What better way to begin 2022 than by connecting deeply to all parts of you, in community with others?

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30 Day Orgasmic Mindfulness Experience

Time & Location

05 Jan, 10:00 – 11:00 GMT-8


About the event

What better way to start your 2022, than with a daily practise connecting to your own body? 

Learn how to tune into your body, gain wisdom and insights, reconnect with your pleasure, fall deeply in love with your body and open yourself to more creativity, freedom and self-love!  

This Orgasmic Mindfulness Experience is for you if you have attended my Introduction to Orgasmic Mindfulness Practise classes, or you have a deep desire and commitment to meet and explore your intimacy with yourself, your edges and your pleasure, in a held container with others.  

One of Emerald's many gifts is cultivating community, where people feel empowered to express their full selves and have the opportunity to connect deeply with themselves and others. She creates a space of permission where people are witnessed, held and celebrated in community. 

  Join Emerald May to explore the depth and breadth of your own pleasure.     Tickets available now! What’s included?

30 days of guided Orgasmic Mindfulness Practise

NINE Live Online Group Practises (Wednesdays 1 hour (two time options), Sundays 2 hour)

Daily Journal Prompts

Private in-app Community Group (off social media) 

BONUS! PDF of Orgasmic Mindfulness Practises

BONUS! Guided Orgasmic Mindfulness Practise Audio

BONUS! 10% off 3-month Coaching Package

🗝What is Orgasmic Mindfulness Practise (OMP)?   OMP in it's essence is a mindful, intentional self-plëas ure practise, that supports connection to your heart and gen itals.     

Orgasmic: Because we hold the intention to explore our orgasmicity rather than time-limited orgasm.     

🌬Mindfulness: Because we are intentional and place attention on our breath, our sound and our movement.     

🌱Practise: Because it is a practise to explore, notice and integrate, without expectation.     

What are the benefits?   Some of the benefits of OMP is building your erotic arousal and awakening your sexual energy. You can integrate this arousal and use your sexual energy (also known as your Eros or life force energy) to access more intuitive wisdom from your body, experience more creativity, more aliveness and a more embodied sense of freedom.   If you make this a regular practise, who knows what might occur...   Heck! Even my cooking improves when I practise OMP regularly!    

Some FAQs     

👥Who is this experience for?   This experience is for consenting adults over the age of 18, who want to re-discover, and connect with themselves deeply and enhance their self-pleasure skills. This experience is open to all genders, sexual expressions and relationship styles.     

💞How do you keep this space safe on Zoom?   Safety is subjective and is a felt sense, that only you can feel for yourself. What is safe for me, may not feel safe for you. My role is to create a container that supports you to feel suitably empowered to create a safe space for yourself and ask for support where you need it.    

I will hold your courage, vulnerability and desire to experience Orgasmic Mindfulness Practise, with the honour and reverence that you deserve.     

👩🏻‍🦰Who am I?   I am Emerald May, a mother, a lover and an Erotic Pioneer. And, I am on my own expansive journey with pleasure too! I weave my trainings in trauma awareness, Sexological Bodywork, Wheel of Consent, Conscious Connected Breathwork Facilitation and my extensive experience of holding online community spaces to co-create with you and support you as best I can.     

I find being in co-regulation with a community of sex-positive, self-aware and open people to be a gift of soul nourishing expansiveness, and I want to hold spaces that offer potentials for soul-nourishment and expansion for others.     

Let's offer permission to ourselves and in doing so, we catalyse permission for others.     

This is an invitation for you to be a pioneer of your own journey too, which in turn will motivate others!     

Let's make a change, together.     

I look forward to sharing in pleasure with you!     

With, for, and in love

Emerald x

Let's Connect!   and     

Orgasmîc Mindfulness Practise has been adapted from Org asmic Yoga created by the founder of S. e. xological Bodywork, Joseph Kramer.





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    +£4.15 Service fee

    By offering Permission to myself, I gift permission to others.


    +£4.15 Service fee





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