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Introduction to Orgasmic Mindfulness Practise for All Genders November

Discover how to access more pleasure, creativity, and freedom for yourself, in community!

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Introduction to Orgasmic Mindfulness Practise for All Genders November

Time & Location

14 Nov 2021, 10:00 – 12:00 GMT-8


About the event

Join Emerald May to uncover, discover, and integrate more of your erotic self in her two hour experiential 

Introduction to Orgasmic Mindfulness Practise.


Do you want PERMISSION to experience more pleasure in your life?

Do you want to fall DEEPLY in love with your body?

Do you want to LIVE more in your embodied self-expression with true self-acceptance?

Orgasmic Mindfulness Practise is a space where you have permission to connect with your own body and your own pleasure. Building up your arousal (maybe over minutes, or hours or days), re-writing the narratives of your past experience, reconnecting your neural pathways from your mind to your body, creating an orgasmic, expansive state, where you can fully embody your pleasure and full erotic expression authentically. 

Mainstream society, cultural and/or religious conditioning has led us to keep self-pleasure and masturbation forbidden, wrong or at least behind closed doors. 

Only in the bedroom or a locked bathroom. 

It is definitely not something we share with strangers.

When anything sexual is deemed as inappropriate, wrong or you have experienced sexual abuse and boundary crossing, understandably, you can build fear and internalised shame, which can have physical side-effects on your body. These feelings can activate your sympathetic nervous system, your fight, flight, freeze or fawn responses, leading to dissociation, numbness, physical constriction and crossing your own boundaries, which perpetuate a shame cycle. 

And yet, can you imagine...

How much more pleasure, peace and joy we would have to share with the world, if we were able to give ourselves permission to feel, normalise, encourage and celebrate our own expansive PLEASURE? 

You then have the opportunity to fall in love with yourself, leading to radical self-acceptance and embodied self-expression, without shame.

Sharing the experience of self-pleasure with others is an edge for many people, so if you are reading this thinking "I don't think I can do this with strangers", know that you are not alone. Read on to discover what Orgasmic Mindfulness Practise is, as I answer some frequently asked questions and you can come into a fully embodied choice about whether you join us. 

What is Orgasmic Mindfulness Practise (OMP)?

OMP in it's essence is a mindful, intentional self-pleasure practise, that supports connection to your heart and gentials.

Orgasmic: Because we hold the intention to explore our orgasmicity rather than time-limited orgasm.

Mindfulness: Because we are intentional and place attention on our breath, our sound and our movement.

Practise: Because it is a practise to explore, notice and integrate, without expectation.

What will happen in the session?

After welcoming you and setting our group agreements, I offer you a grounding meditation to land completely in your body for self regulation, to connect with your environment to support your sense of presence, and co-regulate with others.  I then introduce Orgasmic Mindfulness Practise and I support you to set an intention for your practise. I guide you with music, inviting you to explore your body and your pleasure, using breath, sound and movement, without the expectation or goal of peak orgasm or ejaculation. After the practise, you will have an opportunity to integrate and install your learnings and I invite you to share your experience with others, if you wish. 

What are the benefits?

Some of the benefits of OMP is building your erotic arousal and awakening your sexual energy. You can integrate this arousal and use your sexual energy (also known as your Eros or life force energy) to access more intuitive wisdom from your body, experience more creativity, more aliveness and a more embodied sense of freedom. 

If you make this a regular practise, who knows what might occur...

Heck! Even my cooking improves when I practise OMP regularly!

Do I have to do what you say?

No, absolutely not. Everything I say is an invitation. You can decide how much or how little of my guidance you want to follow. 

I will be inviting you to notice any habitual touch, muscle tension or shallow breathing which can so commonly occur when we are chasing an orgasm or we are stuck in rigidity, or we have accustomed ways of knowing what gets us off. Using Joseph Kramer's Levels of Arousal, I will encourage you to notice where and how your arousal can flow, so you can really bring more expansion and full-bodied pleasure into your life. Which you can consensually share with others!

Who is this class for?

This class is for people who want to rediscover, connect and enhance their self-pleasure skills. Perhaps you want to move through stigma or dogma, or simply reconnect and love your body more. This event is open to all genders, sexual expressions and relationship styles. Please see my other classes exclusively for people with vulvas and people with penises.

Why would I want to practise self-pleasure with strangers?

I identify as an Intimacy Pioneer, and I am here to shake things up. I try to keep a balanced perspective of the more esoteric, scientific and cultural impacts from our universe. 

When we are socially engaged with an established sense of safety, our nervous systems can activate in a mobilisation state of play, where, without shame, we can begin to explore our sensuality, sexuality and arousal, which can lead to deep integration of our past experiences and orgasmic states.

I find being in co-regulation with a community of sex-positive, self-aware and open people to be soul nourishing and expansive, and I want to hold spaces that offer potentials for soul-nourishment and expansion for others. 

I want to offer permission to myself and in that, I catalyse permission for others. 

This is an invitation for you to be a pioneer of your own journey too, which in turn will motivate others! I want to make a change, together.

If you'd prefer to experience Orgasmic Mindfuless Practise in 1-1 coaching, please book a call.

How do you keep this space safe on Zoom?

Safety is subjective and it is a felt sense, that only you can feel for yourself. What is safe for me, may not feel safe for you. My role is to create a container that supports you to feel suitably empowered to create a safe space for yourself. 

I weave my trainings in trauma awareness and my extensive experience of holding online community spaces to co-create with you and suport you as best I can. I will hold your courage, vulnerability and desire to experience Orgasmic Mindfulness Practise, with the honour and reverence that you deserve. 

What do I do next?

Whilst you have been reading this, perhaps you have heard different voices in your head, or thoughts that "this is weird, or seedy, or unsafe", or perhaps "exciting, tantalising and edgy - in a good way". 

Before you choose what to do next, I invite you to take a moment to feel these feelings. 

Take some deeper breaths and ask yourself, 

What do those voices feel like in my system? 

Where is my Fuck YES, or Sacred no?

Am I in a place in my life where I feel resourced enough to try this?

What is my intention for trying Orgasmic Mindfulness Practise?

Do I have any more questions?

I invite you to notice how your body responds, if at all, to these questions. Is there a connection between your mind and body? 

Notice places of tension or constriction, and if you feel able, welcome these sensations and thank them, they have had a purpose in your life before. They have kept you safe. 

If you notice feelings of softness, expansion and relaxation, welcome these sensations and thank them. For they too have a purpose in your life. 

Know that all of your sensations and feelings are welcome here.

Hopefully you can make an embodied decision that is right for you.

If you are interested to know more about this workshop, my coaching work, or my 30 day Orgasmic Mindfulness Practise beginning on January 2nd please head to my website

I look forward to sharing in pleasure with you!

Orgasmic Mindfulness Practise has been adapted from Orgasmic Yoga created by the founder of Sexological Bodywork, Joseph Kramer.