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Who am I?

Who am I?

I am an erotic pioneer, mother, lover and explorer. Offering a client-centred, trauma informed approach, I support and centre women, AFAB folks, femmes, and couples to access their embodied and truest erotic self-expression with self-acceptance. 

Using my skills, techniques and tools I have learned from my professional education and trainings, and through my own personal development and life experience, ​I empower people just like you to move through conditioning, habitual patterns and life experiences to get to know yourself on a deeper level. Learning yourself, to access your inner wisdom, embody your truth and feel nourished and nurtured in yourself. 

With my personal experience of navigating and thriving in potentially embarrassing, taboo and often not talked areas such as anogenital conditions (including Herpes Simplex Virus and Lichen Simplex Chronicus). And as a recovering perfectionist and someone trying to break out of patriarchal conditioning, I have an embodied understanding of re-learning my pleasure in order to meet myself and others deeper, with more presence and with more self-acceptance.


I marry my personal, practical and professional experiences as a way to allow us to take any path in this process, as guided by you and your body. I value and revere the courage it takes to ask for support, honouring your desire to thrive and the journey of re-learning to communicate with and through your body!

When not working you can find me exploring the Pacific Northwest's incredible landscapes, working on my permaculture garden project, watching movies with my kids, exploring conscious relating and intimacy with my beloved, reading, meditating, cooking, dancing and nurturing myself with sauna, cold plunge, yoga and bodywork. 

One of my many gifts is creating and holding inclusive spaces, offering you the opportunity to discover hidden parts of yourself, enabling deep integration and experiencing even MORE PLEASURE! I help you to embody, value and express your desires and boundaries in a sexy, expansive and conscious way. I invite you to be seen in your fullness, welcoming vulnerability and depth whilst holding your integrity and inner strength. Leading to more satisfying, nourishing and more powerful relationships across all areas of your life.

If an egg is broken by outside force,
life ends.
If broken by inside force,
life begins.
Great things always begin from the inside.

Jim Kwik

My Education

What you seek is also seeking you

All my work is client centred and trauma-aware, meaning that we co-create a container for you to explore within. I endeavour to create a environment where you can dip your toes into vulnerability to drop any masks that have protected you and hindered you from expressing your full truth. This titrated approach can support YOU to FEEL SAFE. I do not create safe spaces. I help people navigate and get to know themselves to FEEL SAFE in spaces I hold. We will work at YOUR pace.

From our very first call, we work together to tailor a series of sessions that support YOU (and your partner if applicable), to explore and meet your objectives, desires and curiosities. And if you don't yet know what those are, we can work that out together too!

I am not a package-ready, quick fix or peak experience coach. I honour and hold your experience, be it pleasure or challenge with patience, reverence and respect you deserve. Each session and series of sessions will be co-created and I encourage you to commit to a minimum of 8 sessions together, to be able to root into this work and see your transformation as sustainable and long-lasting. 

After our 30 minute laying down the roots call, I follow up with an email, with my privacy policy, Client/Practitioner agreement template and Breathwork Waiver and link to complete an extensive intake form. We discuss our agreement and upon signing paperwork and transferring your first payment, you book your first 2-hour session. Every sessions following that is 90 minutes, unless agreed otherwise.  


I follow ACSB Code of Ethics and Conduct from The Association of Certified Sexological Bodywork and Integrative Breathwork. As part of your welcome, you will receive my Ethics and Personal Boundaries Statement. Please see my Privacy Policy on how your data is collected, stored and used.

My Approach
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